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My Tear for London My Tear for London

Rated 5 / 5 stars


im NOT saying u guys had it whorable it was a disaster but u must admitt the terrorist attacks on ameraca were somwhat worse in deaths and all other aspects but the intentions were same so it was EQUALY DEVATATIING but the severity of the attack was much more... destructive twords up...... plus we have ass holes in out country saying it was planed by bush,,, a conspiracy they say THOSE assholes should tell it to the firmen and policemen that RAN into that burning building TELL them there friends DIED for NOTHING... tell the victums FAMILYs.... KISS MY ASS CONSPIRICY IT WAS the fucking terrorist allys and i too
tear for our closest ally england....
..... july 7th.... a day NOT soon to be forgotin..

story of a loser story of a loser

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good job

it was AMAZING and all but...... the moral, theme whatere it is... its gay... ggetting picked on ? wdf why didn the kid kick some ass?

Rollback Man Rollback Man

Rated 4 / 5 stars


ummmm when i pauseed to take a crap music still plaed then when i came back good 5 minets lata..... the voices messed up so that interferied somehow.... and ummmmmm i like the close ups and zoom out and in the begining that 3d feel to it.... nice plus it was a funny concept

DossMan01 responds:

hhahaha thank you

but Uhm yeah I'm not that great with sound yet..
I'm working on it but I cant find any type of tutorial that will help me with that.

Kill Bill "thumb" Kill Bill "thumb"

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

bad but not bad!

EXACLY EXACLY EXACLY the frame rate IS EXTRMLY choppy work on yo grafics just a lil and u might wanna get some betta SFX flashkit.C0m chekc it out bro and that lil walkign scene in begingn advie the shadow under ehr was a oval with like 50 % alpha it was PATHETIC u can do better.... ummmm motion sucked cause of frame rate... pd.... dont just use basic shapes..... edit them helps alot
not bad thow nice.... for a novie just work on it